5 Work From Home (WFH) Outfit Ideas during Movement Control Order (MCO)

Hello lovelies, I am back for another blog post. I know days are getting harder and harder to pass but we all shall stay strong and of course stay safe! If you have seen my new video uploaded to Youtube, you should have known what I am going to talk about today.

Thats right! I would like to share some outfit ideas with all of you as I know most of us have been working from home now. The feeling is sooooo much different when we work in the office. Mainly because we tend to dress down at home and subconsciously that affects our productivity or okay mayb not so serious, just mood!

I have tidy up a few looks (5 working days to be exact) for you to take it as reference when working from home and I hope it will somehow inspire you girls to be more creative and enjoy your time at home😊


I decided to throw on a white top to give myself a fresh look, kick starting the week bright and fresh. Also, hoping not much s**t from boss on this day LOL. Paired it up with a loose midi skirt, complete with an elastic waistband at the back so there’s still room for me to snack off and on!
**Tip here is to tuck the front of your shirt into the bottom half, or let it hang over the top like me for a relax feel

Top : Long Sleeve White Top 

Bottom : Flare Midi Skirt


Still quite energetic for our WFH outfits. For Tuesday, I have chosen a plain top from Uniqlo and I just have to say that Uniqlo has really comfy and easy to go top. For bottom, I decided to go with a high waisted pants to play along with body proportion here because as you can see, I am not really tall in person but I embrace it and just style it in my way *wink*

**Tip here is that high waisted pants work best with tucked in shirts and the whole look is just so simple yet class! Do you think so too?? Or just me! HA

Top : Uniqlo 3/4 Sleeve Top 
Bottom :  Love, Bonito High Waisted Pants



I know its almost mid of the week. Feeling a little laid back today? We can just chill and go with 1 piece today! It’s a beautiful day here in KL even is we are working from home suited for aa cheerful dress like this. Dresses are always in my list as they make for quick “one and done” outfit that can often be dressed up or down.
**Tip here is that chiffon-like fabric is pretty wrinkle resistant and its pretty awesome choice of outfit when we tend to walk and sit very often in a day.

Dress :  Love, Bonito Savannah Printed Midi Dress in Floral Symphony



After experimenting with so many different outfits for the past few days, I almost forgot how amazing a good pair of skinnies feel. I have paired it up with a polka dot top, giving the whole look some playful element.
**Tip to replace to the with a white tee and we are back to basic. A casual combo that I will never grow tired of!

Top : Zara Polka Dot Top
Bottom :  H&M Skinny Jeans


TGIF! Let’s set ourselves free for Friday because we have put in so much effort to dress-up even when working from home LOL. Neh, just joking, probably just going to dress a little bit more casual, free and easy than usual so that both mentally and physically are prepared for weekend!! I have put on a knitted cropped top with leggings so that I can do any posture like stretching and bending whenever I want.

Top : Mirrocle Knitted Cropped Top
Bottom :  Cotton On leggings


Also, leggings meant to remind us that IT IS TIME FOR YOGA/WORKOUT SESH! I know you cant wait to off work and join me for some yoga session. Dont forget to put on proper attire and lets join me (on Youtube)  to end the last working day with some stretching, setting the body back to track!


Finally, I hope you enjoy the post and I look forward to feed you more content! Thanks and see you in the next post!