50gram X SWANICOCO lipstick Review

Hellow Lovelies!! If you realised my insta post recently, I am soooo in love with lipsticks nowadays and start having fun to apply them because they simply just make me look more awake and pop especially for events. I’m  really afraid that I will slowly get addicted and wonder how much more lipsticks will be added into my collection. But anyways, today I would like to intro you one of this awesome lipstick from SWANICOCO !

If you have not heard about SWANICOCO, its 2018 hottest brand in korea! They started off its business by creating naturally fermented soaps and overtime they became the top natural cosmetics company in the Republic of Korea. Personally, I enjoy trying out products which are natural, safe and healthy because I have very sensitive skin and not to mention I very kiasi (afraid to die)LOL.

I had really bad experience where I applied the wrong thing on face, went to bed and cant even recognise myself the next morning as my face was all swollen and had really bad rashes on it. It was really a nightmare where I was really shocked, cried so hard and forced to go to the doctor and excuse myself from work. Hence, I take products really serious in hope this kind of incident will not happen anymore. Of course good stuffs are meant to be shared too!

Today, I found this SWANICOCO lipstick really awesome and I wish to share this with all of you! Before everything else, I must declare that I MAY  look professional or maybe not, lol but yeah in fact, I know very little about make up. Today you see me putting this make up, after 3 months, expect NO variations in my make up skill/style LOLLL

Basically the application is fairly easy due to the special designed structure and shape.

You can lightly slide the lipstick on your lips and spread it evenly.

Let’s see how I transform from a pale look into a different person! So one thing I like about SWANICOCO is how they run their concept where the products always keep a beginner’s mind as though we are part of the family. Swanicoco’s collection of various basic makeup products boasts of great coverage, long-lasting effects, and UV protection.

My kiss for you!

Here’s a zoom in picture for you to feel the texture. VERY MOISTURE where I can even skip lipbum before applying!

Swanicoco’s Show the Velvet Lipstick – Black Edition

Juliet Red

This series offers vivid 3 colours where all of them are very long lasting. I must say after applying, the lipstick really delivers moisture to my lips where I hardly find in other lipsticks that I have tried.

It contains natural moisturising ingredients and my lips do not dry up as usual. In fact, my lips was soften by the carnauba wax and natural oils. I then went to check and found that the lipstick actually contains fermented extracts instead of purified water and free of chemical ingredients and improves the skin condition while covering it well

Apart from how moisturise the lipstick is, I also like the how the Juliet red colour appears on my face. Always wanted to trying this colour as it is undoubtedly a classic colour! The red lipstick is a must-to-go to compliment your evening look.

In short, if you ask me to describe the limited edition lipstick it will be :

    • Moisturising 
    • long-lasting
    • Attractive colour

A good lipstick is the least expensive and most-chic way to pull your entire look together with a flick of your wrist. The colours available from Swanicoco are universal and price point is definitely worth it!

Price : RM 88.85 (I personally think it’s a decent price to invest in a quality lipstick that will serve me to achieve the look that I wanted)

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“Your lips are the windows to your heart.”

Thus, choosing a right lipstick is crucial because it might affect your whole look!
Remember to choose the one that you’re comfortable with and does not harm your skin.<3

Hope you will like the sharing and see you in next post!
Cheers xoxo