5D4N Mount Bromo and Ijen (Indonesia) Itinerary 2019

We sure all know that Indonesia is home to several dynamic volcanoes, as after all, it is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. If you’re one thrill-seeking traveller, you sure must have heard of the high seismic and volcanic activity across Indonesia with two of the most active being Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater and surprisingly this time, my partner and I decided to challenge ourselves before we book another relax beachside trip!! We are definitely ready  to conquer both natural wonders in just 5D4N and on an affordable budget of RM 1700!

Prior to the trip, I have rented a Pocket Wifi from Roaming Man. My experience with them was great as the pick up process at KLIA 2 was seamless and the connection was relatively stable throughout our trip. Hence, if you are looking for a pocket wifi, I will suggest to try them out =) Roaming Man

A few tips that I must tell all my lovelies who reading this,. If you are planning a trip like me, please be prepared are this is not a usual luxury relax trip because long travel hours required as followed (assuming smooth traffic along the way) :

4-5 hours from Surabaya – Bromo

7-8 hours from Bromo – Ijen

8-9 hours from Ijen – Surabaya

Wuhoooo! Sounds adventurous isnt it. So for my trip, I have engaged a local tour guide as the journey required long hours of driving so I think it will be safer to have the locals who are familiar with the roads to travel with us. I am very fortunate to have found Mr Yuono from ” Jogja Trans and Travel ” (FB) as their services are really good. No barrier during our communication before the trip and most importantly, they are able to charge in Ringgit Malaysia. Personally I feel it saved up quite abit of hassle. Also if you are wondering what you are paying for, here you go with the list but please double check again with them before the booking.

Includes :
1.Hotel for the 4 nights
2.Private car and driver
4. Private Jeep
5. Local guide at Ijen
6. Toll fees
7. Insurance

Excludes :
1. Entrance fees
2. Other private expenses


Our adventure officially kick off as we touched down in Surabaya.


We were greeted by our lovely driver/ tour guide once we got out of the gate in the airport. Soon after, we were sent to a nearby restaurant to get out tummy filled and move on to start our journey. To be very honest, the journey was no joke and my butt almost cramped! LOLL. Thankfully, the scenery outside the car windows kept me entertained as it shows how diverse Indonesia is and how everyone lives together in harmony. This is really something I enjoy seeing how locals live and respect one another’s religion and culture.

We spent our first day travelling from Surabaya city to Bromo and quickly get some rest because our next call time will be 03:00 AM for Mount Penanjakan in order to grab a best spot at the viewpoint.


Tadaaa technically is day 2 now becauseeeee we made it!! OMGGG I cant believe I was freezing up there! We went up by Jeep at 03:00AM and let me warn you to be prepared for the wait. It was so cold that I had to rent blanket (we get one at Rp.20,000).  Sunrise at Penanjakan Peak was at 6.30am and yes, you need to be up there as early as possible for front row seats and for the best views!

Listen to me, it will be really painful to wait with the cold breeze. I was finding all possible ways to hide away from the cold and time felt like it was going so slow until the sky started to change colour, bursting out gold on lavender melting into saffron. Nevertheless, the sunrise was really worth waiting for and I will not regret!

When the sky turns slightly brighter. Very impressive isn’t it? 

Once we’ve taken in the volcano views, we continue our next challenge to Mount Bromo Crater for the whispering sand and luhur temple!

FYI : The locals’ driving skill is superb where my small little heart skipped a million times during the journey. However, no worries as they are really well trained and familiar with the roads so I was in good hands and back home safely typing this post! HA

Our entrance fees for Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park was Rp 200,000/pax for weekday visit, all thanks to our lovely driver Mr. Harry who is our driver from Jogja Trans and Travel  able to help us in getting such a discounted price from the locals.

As of 2019, below are the prices for your reference.

Domestic visitors
Weekday: Rp. 27,500 (Approximately USD$1.93)
Weekend: Rp. 32,500 (Approximately USD$2.28)

International visitors
Weekday: Rp. 217,500 (Approximately USD$15.30)
Weekend: Rp. 317,500 (Approximately USD$22.30)

Photo taken by the local driver and I cant deny that they can really be part time photographer too!!

From the jeep parking area, you will be required to walk through the sand dunes for a good 15 minutes before reaching the set of stairs that lead to the top of the crater. We have decided to get some horse riding experience so we hired 2 cute horses to lead us the way^^!
There were also many other adventurous travellers and horses, just bear in mind that don’t rush and take breaks in between while you are climbing up the stairs.

We also went to Madakaripura Waterfall before we call off the day! It is located not too far from Mount Bromo near the village of Sapih, known locally is one of the most spectacular waterfalls not only in East Java and Indonesia but also in the world.

It is an atmosphere of natural grandeur radiates around as the waterfall comes into view. As the rumbling sounds of water grows louder, a spellbinding feature of water curtains cover the path, that will not only please the eyes but also freshen body and soul. A place where you can rest your soul and enjoy the nature!!

Here, nature gracefully pours her endless refreshing gifts, making getting wet quite inevitable. While it may be best to be ready with raincoats (which I pre-bought from Mr DIY for just RM2.50) lol, stalls along the trekking path will offer umbrella rentals and plastic bags to protect valuables, such as cameras.

For Madakaripura Waterfall, we hired a local tourguide to bring us in because if you don’t take the moto-taxi you would be doing an 8km round trip plus 3km round trip. LOLLL too much for me >.<

And that wrap up our day and our trip is getting more intense as we need to wake up at 00:15AM for another hike.


At 00:15 sharp, we made our way to Mount Ijen.

I would recommend my lovelies who are planning to visit to pack some snacks and drinks so that you have enough energy to hike or you could settle down at the local eatery at the entrance for a comforting bowl of instant noodles and fried banana.

We began our walk and it was pretty easy at the start and we took a good 2 hours (nearly) to reach the crater. Along the way, there were several steep roads which had my emotions completely mirroring an actual volcano – peaceful and quiet at times and rumbling with boiling frustration at other times! Girls being girls =P


Lucky enough, we have met some other Malaysians and we look after each others along the way, realising I was not alone going down to the blue flames and battling through thick clouds of sulphur smoke!LOLL

Alert !!!

You will definitely need a proper mask if you do not want to suffocate. A proper functioning torch is essential to help  you going down the crater while it is still pitch dark! Not wanting to mention that I slipped and almost fell, hence it was rather dangerous to go down but we decided to explore further.

At around 5.45am, the sky slowly enlightens with beautiful shades of purple, blue, orange and pink and soon I realised all the pain and exhaustion were forgotten.

Without a doubt, hiking Ijen Crater was one of the most physically and mentally challenging things that I have ever done (I’m doubt I’m ready for the second time). The incline, the loose pebbles and the altitude contributed to all challenges and the way down wasn’t easier either! However, every bit of it was worth it as we ticked off one of the world’s only blue fire volcanoes with the largest acidic lake!  And no, it’s definitely not something you’ll do or see everyday – it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience like no other!

We went back to our hotel to chill and regain some energy before we head over to Malang.


Finally had some good rest and woke up at 8AM today! Today being a typical tourist to visit places around Malang mainly because we left not much energy after Bromo and Ijen. HAHA

Omah Kayu

Located at Kota Batu Malang, a beautiful hilltop 1,340 metres above sea level, the air is clean and fresh, and the weather isn’t as humid as in the city.

Obviously I put in effort to take all my pictures! LOLLL and it was really high and abittttt dangerous to walk on those net but idc~~~

Jopidan Village (Kampung Warna Warni Jopidan)

A house in that kampung has at least three different colors painted on its walls and roof. It was really interesting to visit and you might think that it’s not in Indonesia, but girl dont doubt yourself!

Masjid TIBAN

It is an amazing, huge and beautiful mosque located far away from the town centre. Kudos to our driver who willing to drop by just because we asked about the local religion as well as the culture and here we are!

After this last attraction, we were all set for another approximately 6 hours journey back to Surabaya city.


That call it a trip! we are finally got back in the city and how shameful I would need to stop here because I was hit by food poisoning :'( I know right, what a way to end the trip, not even bother to mention that I have extended a few nights just to explore Surabaya and I ended up stayed in the hotel days and nights LOLLL.

Food poisoning aside, thank you Mr Yuono from Jogja Trans and Travel for catering all out needs and I really think they deserve a shoutout because we were being taken care the whole trip and most importantly no communication barrier!

Last but not least, I hope these little info helps and you enjoyed the post. I will see you in the next post!