Be wise, smart to shop for “your” Skincare Products

Hello brothers and sisters I am back here again! Today I would love to do a little bit of my sharing on site that I have discovered whereby I can actually have some skincare shopping session after going through several surveys and products reviews!

As known to all, I’m a girl who lives in a tropical country with humid weather – Malaysia. To me, the daily skincare products play a crucial role in keeping me fresh as well as hydrated and most importantly comfortable. Having sensitive skin, I always choose my skincare products carefully however, not to mention that I often faced dilemma in choosing over few equally good products especially when the sales girls trying to introduce more and more when I pay a visit to the departmental store.LOL!

The fact that I am naive enough to fall for every marketing strategy, I ended up throwing them away after few months usage, realising that they simply do not work! Hence in fact every skincare purchase is really a super high involvement decision for me! Until I found my way to solve this problem. I have discovered that buying skincare over the trusted platform can help to save me from overspending.

One thing I have learnt over the years is to do your research before buying anything. Or maybe it is just me, I love to go through some researches as well as reading product reviews by other blogger before buying certain things. I think this explains why I love sharing and I know how new buyer feels and in need of these information as we are all being conservative to embrace new products. I could spend hours and days reading comments before purchasing as this is very different from going to the store and very often the sales person is just trying to sell the products and telling you how bombastic the product can be but it just simply  DOES NOT suit my skin type. How frustrating! Setting that apart, so I will normally do my homework before purchasing and to avoid overspending in store, I will just purchase online with a trusted distributor. *and this is very super duper important to buy from a trusted seller to make sure products are all authentic!*

Zalora” I believe that most of us here have heard about it and some are even their loyal customers. In fact they are the fastest growing online retailer in Southeast Asia. I was really shock when I found out there are actually a platform for skincare products too! Always feel free to visit “ Zalora Skincare” and I hope all my readers will find online skincare shopping works for you all and most importantly, everyone gets to choose the right product for yourself and stay prettyyyyy *yayyy!!* 

Hope my post will somehow helps all of my brothers and sisters shop wiser and smarter!
Feel free to always leave me comment and feedback and thank you very much for spending your time here!

See you again :*