Benefit Roller Lash Mascara ( Review )

Hey ladies!!Have you every thought of using a mascara which  grip onto the eyelashes, pull them upwards, curl and coat black ?!?! You have a choice now because Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is now available!!!

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What so special bout it is all because of the very new, very special and very different brush – the Hook n Roll brush. The brush head is both curved and on the smaller size just to make it perfect for small eyes like mine I suppose (*smalleyescanwink*). It not only streches them outwards but also upwards, just like encouraging my lashes to curl~~~ babe CURL!! LOLL. it really does lengthen and curl the lashes. Turning the brush over, it covers the lower lashes too! How brilliant right!

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This brilliant mascara actually has the idea of ditching your eyelash curlers in a most unceremonious manner as the tiny hooks will strategically placed to grab the lashes right from the root, gently tug, and curl them right up towards your eyebrows (okayyy ,maybe I have short lashes, so it might not reach my eyebrow YET but somewhere near i think LOL) Besides, it also contains an in-built “wand wiper” to ensure that the brush isn’t overloaded with product – again to prevent the mascara from overwhelming/weighing down the eyelashes. Of course, you are free to top up the 2nd, 3rd or whatever number of layers you want with any other mascara to enhance your eyes ^^!

Here’s some pic of the girls being excited to find out more about the mascara =)

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Here goes the correct way of using the MAGICCC~~

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crystal benefitEveryone started to try on the magic=D  *girls being girls* hahaha

benefit 2

We were served with some light refreshment after the demo session =)

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I really love this mascara as i think it really works for me simply because I don’t actually owned a eyelash curler (I always steal from my sis *shhhh*) HAHAHA, how ridiculous right!! Anyways, other than it’s function, what makes me fall in love with the mascara is the adorable packaging. *love*

benefit 6
Adorable rightttt!! *love love*

In a nutshell, I feel that Benefit Roller Lashes Mascara lengthens, adds volume, separates and most importantly won’t weigh the eyelashes down (like you know, I hate it when I apply at 11am, it falls after 3 hours -.-). Not only that, so far it doesn’t flake or smudge and really does open the eyes with a slight curling effect for the lashes. Don’t hesitate to try them out! ^^

Rating : 8/10


Hope you have a nice day! xoxo.

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