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Good day guys!! I’m finally back to blog despite my crazy schedule. So the questions I have gotten recently are :

1. Where do I get my domain name from?
2. how i started blogging and etc.

Today I would like to do a sharing + shout out for the company who have been supporting my website a few years behind the scene and constantly help me solved alot of technical issues. I really appreciate for their help and really love to recommend to all my readers!

Cstudio is the company that i registered my website with and the start up was genuinely simple. To me, a super duper tech dumb, I found it easy to communicate with the support staff and get my website set up shortly. Hence I dont think it will be any issue for anyone! Not to mention how efficient they are in replying your inquiries but also excellent services they provide !


A little bit of Cstudio, they are actually a dynamic & professional team which specialize in web design and development based in Malaysia. Besides, they are also providing both professional and creative Webspace, Website Building, Website Design , Website Service Provide, Website Promotion, Penny Auction as well as Procurement. Not only these, if you intend to start up a company or planning to redesign your current website, you can always look up on their “Content Management System” package, in short CMS which also included a FREE (OMG IT’S FREE :* ,typical cina girl, LOLL) mobile website. For further seductive packages, you can always take a look at their official website


So now guys, what else still holding you back from having an own domain name or even start a business by having a proper website from Cstudio? Wondering do they have an actual workstation? Yes, they have! Two of the workstations are located in Ampang and Pandan Perdana respectively. In another word, Cstudio is definitely a trusted company for you! ^^

To sum up, I really enjoyed having Cstudio with me in my blogging career, definitely will continue to have them in my future!

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