Boribot Pool Resort, Khao Yai , Thailand

Hello loves! A very warm welcome for year 2018, wishing everyone a great year ahead! As for me, I managed to catch a small break and had my 2017 countdown in Thailand. When I was browsing through the hotels before my trip, I constantly remind myself to book a relaxing hotel where I can actually chill and enjoy myself over the weekend in Khao Yai before I head over to Bangkok for some shopping session. Khao Yai in fact is only a very nice place blessed with a lush, mountainous landscape, with fertile valleys, pounding waterfalls and rich biodiversity. It is a year-round getaway destination just three hours’ drive from Bangkok and it is gaining popularity in recent years.

While browsing tons of hotels in Khao Yai on Agoda before my trip, Boribot Pool Resort caught my attention where I really love their layout at the first sight.

Photo Credit : Boribot Pool Resort

Relaxing yet classy. It gave me a feeling of having a lifestyle of refined privacy, luxurious comfort and mesmerising surrounding awaits to render my memorable experience and hence I cant hold my nerves anymore to make a booking. Upon arrival, we can see that the interiors are very eye-catching. 

After we have parked our rented car, we were immediately greeted warmly by the resort’s buggy service guy and he was just certainly on point to help us pic up the luggages. As we rented a car, when we were still searching our way in the parking lot (wondering if we entered the right entrance/or right resort), the resort’s buggy service car was already awaiting to help us carry our luggages once we finished parking. Very Impressive and efficient!

Making my way in of course. noticed the lobby is designed with elegance. The void and space in a Safari style oozes a delightful illusion of tropical splendour.

The touch of Balinese decor here and there again complements a sense of Orientalist sophistication, while a modern chic flair is spotted on the even smallest detail.

Photo Credit : Boribot Pool Resort

With all these combined, it creates a superior refinement and unique ambience. While soaking in this high quality property, I cant wait to quickly proceed with the usual check in procedures to fill up some details. Very much to my surprise, the time taken to be settled down was really short and I was given a menu to choose after my breakfast menu for the next morning before I head off to my room! How lovely and so I placed my order.You will be given a choice to decide when to serve your breakfast with 7am-10am in the morning. The environment was really good and I enjoyed my breakfast session very much!

Not forgetting the outdoor space was really a good photo spot too. 

I have chosen to stay in The Luxe Suite for this trip.

It is a 1-bedroom accommodation with living space for both in and out-door areas.

The suite is featured with an inviting pool and styling swing where I can casually sit and relax comfortably.

There is a large 8-foot comfy bed available in the room where I can literally roll left to right and back to left without falling and I really love it so much! To me, a comfy bed is extremely crucial for a trip as it serve the purpose of providing good rest and enable traveller to recharge energy for the next day.

Photo Credit : Boribot Pool Resort

The interior of the room in fact triggers a cave-like feeling to me. It featured an intricate design portraying the silhouette of the Khao Yai mountain. Moreover, the resort has also been thoughtfully curated selection of ingredients used for their guests such as the selection of herbal teas, which promotes wonderful health benefits. Thai tea flavours that included Chrysanthemum, Bael and Pandanus.

One of the corner that I found it interesting as the whole dressing table is designed in a suitcase concept.

I really cant express how much love I had towards their diffuser. The scent is really nice and I was soooooo in love with it till an extend where I literally stood beside it for a few minutes and enjoy the scent.

Apart from the comfortable bed, the suite also come with a very spacious bathroom.

The large size rectangle mirror is just perfect for ladies or all to look at and get yourself prepared every morning. Dont even mention how useful it is for ladies to pass our make up session. Not only this, each room also comes equipped with Molton Brown toiletries – a world-class bath, body and beauty connoisseurs from London since 1973 which the scents and touch are really a bomb!

On top of room that I have chosen, there are also 3 other fabulous room types available to cater customers requirement, be it a honeymoon stay or family stay.

Photo Credit : Boribot Pool Resort

Pool House Suite is another good alternative for 2 as it is a 1-bedroom accommodation with generous living spaces for both in and out-door areas. The suite is featured with an inviting outdoor pool and stylish swing too.

Photo credit: Boribot Pool Resort

Boribot Suite is really suitable for those seeking for cozy yet comfort kind of relaxation as it has an interior that portrays a modern, Eastern and rustic theme featured with a large and cozy balcony that overlooking the panoramic view of the Khao Yai mountains. The suite benefits from the high ceiling and functional living space, which includes a separate pantry and living room. On top of that, the room is also equipped with amenities and a Jacuzzi. Just so perfect to chill in.

Photo Credit : Boribot Pool Resort

As for bigger families, The Signature Suite is there to cater the need as it has 2-bedroom that speciallt elevated for guests to indulge in the panoramic view of Khao Yai mountain. It is really a true choice for stylish travellers featured with an extra-spacious, 10 metres pool.

To sum up my experience with the resort, I left feeling refreshed and revitalised. With the uninterrupted view of the majestic Khao Yai even further accentuates the pleasure of my memorable stay.

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