Experience with Jonlivia hot pants and slimming shirt shaper – the right sports gear

As exercise has been an increasingly important ingredient of life, I am very much rely to an effective yet comfortable sports gear. I would really love to intro the current trend that my experience with Jonlivia whereby I exercised the same but sweat double!! Jonlivia is actually founded by Jon and Olivia who shared the same passion of living an active lifestyle. I really adore people who can bring their passion to life and doing what you love is just awesome! Alittle bit bout Jonlivia, it offers a wide range of products in helping many people to stay in shape. One of the many products that I really like is their hotpants. You know, you can never imagine how much sweat I had when I took it off after my sports session! Wearing it, I have no problem from walking to running or even squat. It is just as comfortable as wearing the normal sports pant but the effect is a bomb! Not only this, the design is chio enough to not only wear for sports but also an outing outfit. Now I get the ideas of one stone kills two birds!

Apart from that I have also tried out Jonlivia’s women Slimming Shirt Shaper. I must admit that I’m never a very shapy girl instead, I’m more of a very chubby one. Hence, I always wonder how can other hot chics stay in shape while it seems soooooooo hard for me :'(By wearing the slimming shirt shaper, I somehow feel that I am more curvy than I used to! It might not look obvious from the outside but I can feel the little change. I use to be very against to wearing something like that before Jonlivia’s because having the mind set of wearing something like that will really make me feel uncomfortable and what hits the point is very hotttt, especially in Malaysia this kind of country! HOWEVER, I had a pleasant experience where by the shirt shaper is very comfortable to wear that as an inner wear if I were to put on something outside. It is thin enough to wear as an inner and it sometimes even control my appetite so i do not over eat. I would really recommend you girls to have a thought on it if you are looking for something to shape your body as I think majority of us would really love to have something that avoid us from growing sideway! Haha at least I am.
To be honest, I am really happy to enjoy something I love doing with the right gear! I think exercise is really much more important than alot of other ways to let you stay in shape such as slimming pills. I believe with the right gear, you can never imagine how huge the effect can be! So I would encourage by ending with ” GIRLS, Lets move your body in a Stylo way!” Hahaha
Thanks for reading and I hope I spread the positive vibe by sharing some piece of my life!