Gaston Luga Bag Review – PRÅPER OLIVE & BLACK backpack

Someone once told me that travel can be addictive and I totally agree with it. Be it local or oversea trip, I truly enjoy moments when I’m away from stress and get to explore something new from what I have been facing daily. However, prior to every trip, I always have this trouble on deciding what bags to bring because I literally wish to bring everything LOL.

And I found Gaston Luga!! I happened to come across their website and couldn’t hold myself from scrolling their site and sub-consciously added a few backpacks into the cart within minutes HAHA. (Girls being girls). In fact, there are three collections in total namely thePråper, Clässic and Clässy for both men and women.

Not forgetting to mention their light weight and functional Clässy Mini series has customisable flap top!! Also it is suitable for kids too as it comes with adjustable straps and most importantly, every Clässy Mini purchase will come with a free additional flap top!!!OMGGGGGGG!! 

To be honest, I really wish to have one of each from all the series because they are just equally prettyyy and just nice and sweet for different occasions! Eventually, I have drawn down to get myself the OLIVE & BLACK backpack under the PRÅPER series as they look very stylish, sophisticated, and most importantly I really love the how the olive green brings out the sense of nature that I am always looking for, minimalistic, yet Luxe and functional. It drives me to explore the nature and discover whats out there!

I even style it in different way to fit the four seasons :

  • The Autumn/Winter Look : 
  • The Spring/ Summer Look : 

The Sweden designed backpack is made up from strong durable canvas and 3 adjustable metal hook closures where one can adjust according to personal preference. Besides, the vegan leather that the bag used has evaluated the bag’s durability and water resistance. Not only this, the inner lining is made of a soft and luxurious 100% cotton fabric. If you pay attention, leather material is used under the backpack, giving the backpack the extra protection and its cooler look.

Looking into the bag, an inner 13-15″ laptop compartment is made available and 2 smaller inner pockets were attached to it. My wallet and tissue packets were usually kept there and I reserve the rest of the space to keep larger items such as my cardigans and camera. I personally like brands who pays great attention to details when it comes to the inner compartments because each and every compartment is meaningful and comes really handy when clumsy user like me just simply dump personal belongings into the bag.

With the separated compartments, I am able to arrange and keep my belongings in a neater way. YAYY!!
Don’t you ever think that is all for the bag. YOU ARE WRONGGG!! On the back of the backpack is this hidden unique Gaston Luga pocket to hold your passport, travel documents or other important belongings that need to be kept safe yet easy accessible. I also keep tissue packets there when I sometimes have runny nose and need to get it from somewhere accessible while walking on the road LOL how thoughtful am I.

The other favourite thing I love about Gaston Luga backpack is the 4 levels of adjustable metal hook, thoughtfully designed to allow different packing needs and volume of content. For me, I feel it fits a one-day trip or even a short weekend getaway where I pack just a nice amount of travel essentials.

The brand pays a great deal of attention to details when it comes to the design part of the backpack. Moreover, one can also enhance the bag with their coloured address tag that can be purchased separately, giving the backpack some personal flavour =)

To sum up, the backpack is really suitable for me for my general travel use.

I will also continuously try to source for bags that comes with compartments that can keep my baby camera and its accessories and with them, my travel journey is gonna be sooooo good I am sure!
As Christmas is around the corner, it is also a perfect gift for not only Christmas, but also birthday or even valentine’s day gift as additional gift packaging will be available for purchase.

*I would really love to receive some useful travel backpack as my Christmas gift tho! HAHAHAHHA greedy me! Last but not least, hope the article helps you to get a better insight of the backpack and if you are considering of purchasing, you are more than welcome to use my code “thecrystyle” to entitle a 15% off as well as free international express shipping!!

I will see you in the next post! <3