Halong Bay 2D1N Trip X Secret Halong Cruise, Vietnam

Many have been asking me for Halong Bay Cruise post and here I am. Better late than never that i strongly believe. My sincere apology to all my wanderlusts. I would really wish to describe every details that I experienced but soon found that the only part where I hardly able to describe in full is the desire to back and enjoy the nature, the cruise and the awesome bunch where we shared the fun memories together.

I have signed myself up with Secret Halong Cruise to enjoy a 2D1N Halong Bay cruise tour. As much as I know, Secret Halong Cruise offers a variety of packages to cater all your needs. If you wish to stay longer to adore the limestone lined waters of Halong Bay, feel free to contact them to work out the best itinerary! They are very responsive and I am really impressed with their service provided. For Malaysian like me who cant speak the local language will not need to worry because they can also communicate fluently in English, hence language will not be an issue.

The awesome part about the cruise is that transport service for both ways (Hanoi-Halong Bay) are  INCLUSIVE in the package fees. Many might have neglected the cost while signing up because there are usually surcharges/pax for a roughly 4hours car journey to travel from Hanoi city to Halong Bay. As a result, I strongly encourage everyone to do your research properly and do consult or double confirm with the agency before singing up any package.

Upon arrival, the handover of luggage from the car to the deck crew was pretty smooth despite how busy and hectic the harbour was where many manyyy manyyyy other cruises were parking along the bay to either unload passangers or preparing for departure. The weather was really good and the pleasant temperature allowed us to do more of the interesting activities for the 2days.

A side tip to take note :
*Knowing that May to September is the low season of the year and during then, you can probably get a good deal from most of the cruise companies^^
However, July and August are the months where you probably would want to avoid as thats the storm season and the weather is turbulent which will affect your trip negatively. But again, nothing is guaranteed.=)

Moving on, I will take a few shots of my handwritten itinerary of my 2D1N tour provided by the cruise as easy reference for you guys.
Disclaimer: Do not judge my handwriting. HAHA! The major activities are planned by Secret Halong Cruise where off and on you will have a choice to choose between hiking or swimming. I have no doubt with their itinerary as they cover pretty much of the attraction and experience and I enjoyed throughout the tour!

Before all the exciting activities, let me walk you through their room

Dont worry, air-condition service is available in the room.

Toilet is equipped with basic necessity. Simple and clean.

So yeah, upon arrival, we were greeted by a very warm welcome followed by a complimentary welcome passion fruit drink. yumzzz!

The crews then briefed us a little bit about the history of Halong Bay as well as what we will be expecting/doing for the remaining day on cruise. After a fulfilling lunch, we were off to cave hopping as well as kayaking as per scheduled.

To kill your wonders, here’s what we had for lunch. Food was really good on cruise, fresh and tasty!
Here’s our lunch menu for your reference =)

P/s : One complimentary drink will be given on board ( you get to choose when you wish it to be served). Other than that, you will need to purchase drinks on your own. Prices to me were quite reasonable=)

Not forgetting the very cute fruit that we had.

Moving on, we went for cave hopping. Visited one which was quite dark and I didnt manage to take any photos but the experience was really good! You get to touch and feel the limestones and even enjoy the quietness if everyone take a few minutes to be silent. The tour guide had also raised a few pop quizzes off and on, making the ordinary journey more interesting.

Kayaking was our next activity where the perfect weather allowed us to kayak around happily. But to be honest, it was really tiring mannnnn. I relied alot on my partner HAHAHA so yeah! be wise on choosing a strong partner so you don’t have to work much to keep your kayak moving, and of course take good pictures LOLL

The highlight of this of course is not just this, but having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world is awesome! We get to talk and know more about each other and thats what travel should be! Love our group photo and I hope everyone is doing fine now.

After the 1-2 hours of kayaking, we gathered up and proceed with our next activity.

And yessssss, we went to fish with the local! Had so much fun seeing how they actually fish for a living. And life is not easy for them seriously due to million of uncertainties, so do appreciate their hard work and I definitely respect from the bottom of my heart.

Last but not least, we call off the day by having some really good food for dinner. Along the way, there were also mini performances by the crew and sometimes I just salute how they manage to work in the middle of the sea while they only get to see their family members once a month.

Before showing you the dinner, I would love to highlight the breathtaking sunset where I deeply in love with!I just barely able to describe the beauty of the place and I hope you feel me.

And here comes our dinner!!

And again, some fruits after dinner is just nice.

Followed by optional Tai Chi session in the next morning. 

I truly enjoy the half an hour session as my first Tai Chi class in my life and felt so refresh after that especially when food was really to serve my hungry stomach!

here’s my breakie for the day ^^

Soon after, we went to visit one of the nearby island. Choices were given to either climb the mountain or to swim in the sea. So yeah, here comes my choice :

The satisfaction of climbing uncountable steps to get up there is just irreplaceable. So yeah, choices are yours guys.

Time past so fast and we were about to pack our stuff and ciao. After getting back to the cruise, we started to pack all our luggages and manage to enjoy our last lunch on the cruise before we left.

In a nutshell, I truly enjoy the cruise as it is not as big as some who take in many people. I prefer smaller group, chill and enjoy the view. With all these good food, good crew and good services, I think I would really recommend Secret Halong Cruise for anyone who ask for recommendation. Drop them an email and I believe they will cater your needs accordingly.

Also,feel free to drop me a message and I will try my best to help.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! XOXO