Happ Cafe @ Tropicana Avenue

It was a sunny day and I decided that how on earth can I still stay at home. Did a quick check on my cafe list and finally made my way here to Happ Cafe at Tropicana Avenue! yay.

HAHAHA did it for fun

I hope this doesnt scare you away! New way to say HIIIII=DDD

Did you know that Happ Cafe is also known as the flower cafe has just opened 2months ago. YES, It’s pretty new!
I am so impressed with the flowers and soaked myself in unintentionally.  It has a special corner that filled with colourful flowers on your right when you make your way in from the entrance, being welcome in such a pleasant way.

Say hi to daisy flower!
Here you go with the whole picture=)

It is a well decorated cozy cafe with white theme. You can actually spend your evenings here like me.lol

hardworking sia

Especially one day after Vday *wink*
Hot and sweet pink balloons were hung around the cafe, creating a very lovely environment where I even thought someone had specially arranged that to welcome my arrival HAHAHA

Dont you feel so??

Speaking bout service, having allodoxaphobia (选择苦难症), it is really really tough for me to make decision even though just to choose what to eat! I can in fact take 1784650194056 mins and still NOT being able to come out with a final decision. Not to mention when the dilemma i had looking at the menus. Thankfully, I have got the friendly stuff to recommend me whether to choose between
(1)South Melbourne Breakfast


(2) Chamomile Blossoms.

I ended up chose none of tea from the list! HAHAHAHA. The reason being is because they just restocked a more fruity kind of tea named – LES INVITE whereby I fell in love with the smell even before drinking it. IKRRR, like finally I can decide within 10mins time.
So I made my order over the counter.

Love this so much!! wana buy myself one soon. LOL

Here I’m with my dessert. Diet plan always starts tomorrow girlszz.

If Happ Cafe happen to restock this tea, I would recommend you guys to order for real! I have also ordered the signature Camomile Honey Cake.
Besides, there are a variety of cakes for you to choose from where (1) Camomile Honey Cake
(2) Ispahan
(3) Sakura White Forest
being the signature cakes!! But guys, don’t forget wherever there are cakes, there are sweetteeth. Cakes are selling fast and make sure you are lucky enough to grab one!^^
They all look good dont they?!?

Not forgetting pastries such as croissant, pain au chocolat, mini apple turnover , pain aux raisins are also available.

To sum up, it is a nice cafe to check out guys, for both its environment as well as the food =)!
Thanks for reading guys!