Jeju Island Transport and Accommodation, South Korea Trip 2017 (PART 1)

Hey Hey!! how’s everyone doing? Dragging myself off the holiday mood is never an easy task I must say. But I cant wait to tell you more about my trip and hope these info might help you know more bout Jeju Island in South Korea!

To be honest, before me and my buddies came into a final decision of visiting Jeju Island, we were actually struggling between Busan and Jeju Island. Both “must visit” of South Korea was really a hard choice for us. Ended up, we have picked Jeju simply because we wish to experience some of the island hopping days as we soon will be visiting Seoul in the coming days thus simple as that, Jeju island has become our choice! HAHA. From my point of view, I would really recommend you to think twice what is your aim and what kind of trip you are looking for. Surely Jeju island compared to Busan has less shopping activities, on the other hand would be more of sight seeing, plenty of walking and also driving. After all, I enjoyed the weather and attractions where we hardly see in city.

Before departing, we have rented pocket wifi from “Travels Recommends” at RM15/day with a deposit of RM200 where you will get back within few days after you return the pocket wifi. Overall, the wifi served the 4 of us well, connection was stable and average. The procedures are pretty easy and if you are taking Airasia flight, there is a counter available at level 2M in KLIA2 which makes everything more convenient as you can just pick up and drop off before and after your flight. Most importantly, it comes with a very convenient bag as well as a power bank.Throughout the whole trip, the wifi was being charged once a day and sometimes twice as we are really some heavy social media users LOL. Hence I would advice you guys to bring along the power bank just in case if the battery dies.

With the wifi, we are ready to sit back, fasten the seat belt and off to the OPPA land!

After approximately 6 hours, our flight landed on Incheon Airport which located in Seoul and we did a transit to Gimpo airport as Airasia has no direct flight to Jeju Island. We took “Jeju Air” which is a fairly low cost airline with good services. We bought the two ways ticket at about RM350 =) The transit was pretty simple where we took the shuttle train to the baggage claim area once we touched down. After picking up our luggage, we then move from level 1 of the arrival hall to level B1 in order to take the train to Gimpo Airport.In between, we fed ourselves some food before the next flight.After that, we continue our journey towards the second flight of the day =)I would suggest to purchase a transportation card namely “T-money” to take the public transport in Korea. The card cost Krw 4000. You can top up any amount anywhere as long as there are recharge machine available.T-money really makes everything easier and what you need to do is just top up money whenever the amount falls to 3digits. This is because from my experience, nearly every station charged a minimum amount of KRW1250 and additional charges based on your destination.Moving on, we took “All Stop Train” to Gimpo Airport. The journey took us about 25mins and cost Krw3750.*Bare in mind not to take the AREX as it will not stop at Gimpo Airport station.

Once touched down in Jeju island, we made our way to car rental office to pick up our pre-booked “xiao bai” aka little cutie white.
After several surveys and also reviews from those who have visited Jeju personally and my suggestion as well, GET A CAR in Jeju island. You can easily travel to your destination without checking the public transport timetable. As Jeju island is an “ISLAND” depicted by the name, it actually takes sometime to travel from one spot to another. Tourist attractions are basically distributed around and getting there might just be time consuming without a car.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, for Malaysians, we need an international license which cost RM150 without having to retake any test. easy as that!
Hence we have chosen  to make our booking of a 3days usage at around a total of RM358. In addition, if you are travelling with friends like we do, each only cost about RM90 for 3days and all the waitings and rushing are avoided, for me I find it a great deal!
The company we have booked our car from named AJ Rent a Car. The process was extremely convenient as we just need to proceed to the parking lot outside the arrival hall and head towards the shuttle bus for AJ Rent a Car in area 3-1.The shuttle bus will send the car hirers to the office which located not far from the airport and there are the place where we meet “xiao bai” =)After all the documents signing, there we go to take the car. The procedures were easy and the stuffs were working at their best to make things simple and clear.HAHAHA the scene where we were having headache how to fit all these luggages into a small, little, tiny, economic car.
And not forgetting a pictureeeee LOLLANDDDD we ended up made our way there!! After a tiring day of taking 2 flights in a day, we finally can rest and chill. After all, it is a free and easy trip we are looking for ^^

Speaking about accommodation, which many of my friends have asked me for. I have browsed through Airbnb and chosen one of the home stay (Tei’s house) to accommodate the 4 of us.It is an apartment and the unit looks really new, clean and has all the necessary amenities in one room.The owner was really kind and helpful, trying to make us feel home. Not forgetting to mention about communication. Tei was quick to reply all messages and always provide a lending hand  throughout our stay.

The room has all the basic necessities, 2 king size beds for four, kitchen where you can cook simple meal and most importantly, you can also have your laundry done in house! We really enjoyed the stay, bonding time in the spacious room where all the facilities were functioned at their best. For me personally, I am really satisfied with the location where we had our stay in Jeju. Although it was about an hour drive from Jeju city, but the neighbourhood itself is good enough for you to explore. Restaurants and night markets are both available nearby. Tei’s appartment located in the middle of Jeju island and we find it suits our itinerary better as we are planning to explore the west in one day and east on the other day.

It was a quiet neighbourhood where we really feel sorry if our music or laughters was too loud that disturb any of the neighbours but so far we have not received any complains YET I assume they are being extremely nice to compromise with our noise level.

Apart from that, the neighbours were really friendly and kind enough to help us navigate our destination. The story comes as followed. We rented a car that comes with a GPS navigator and we were at the top of the world since without any extra charges, GPS were provided FOC!  BUTTTTT it only shows Korean language over the whole map which none of us has any idea how and where to as all the tourist attractions we found were in either English or Chinese. Very much thanks to the neighbours that help us to key in Korean language and let the GPS does it’s work to lead us there. Thinking about it, I found it funny to wait for passerby every morning to help us navigate LOL. Anyways, no worries because waze does a very good job too!

In a nutshell, I would highly recommend you all (sisters and brothers) who are visiting Jeju island to take Tei’s house into consideration as it was really a perfect base for us at least during our trip there!

If you are new to Airbnb, you can always key in this link “ ” to sign up and get ready to search for a perfect accommodation that enhance your trip!
Thank you very much for reading and I hope the piece of information would help you in choosing where to stay in Jeju and I would be quick to organise my remaining posts about Jeju island and proceed sharing in the next post!