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I woke up early enough to see the sun slowly rising. In fact I do everyday so yeah, how beautiful to watch it rises from the horizon right. SOOOOO i decided to blog again! haha, powerful reason huh.

Moving on from my previous post Khao Yai Day Trip Part 1 . Please do refer cause you don’t wana miss the BEST part! a haha, joking. Without further ado, let me bring you around!

After a very sinful lunch, but in a trip which requires lots of walking, it is definitely acceptable.
We moving forward to Palio.


kyIt is a visually intoxicating outdoor shopping centre where souvenir shops, apparels and bags, clothes are all over the place. You should definitely go there if you’re like me, still can’t afford a trip to Italy *sob* cause the cluster of strikingly coloured Baroque-style buildings in Palio are just so awesome too!





MOST IMPORTANTLY, no entrance fee required! HAHA, see budget anot my trip compared to a minimum 20k Europe trip, I think I can only afford this at the moment. *chuckle*


for me again, a poor undergraduate student, I didn’t leave much fruitful as there were none bargaining opportunity available. So yeah, I saved my blood ($) for greater stuff in Bangkok =)


A very quick wrap up for Palio as we have not much time left for the next attraction.


38 degree HEATWAVE is awful!! I was seriously sweating all over , but still manage to squeezed a fake smile on my cheek, hahaha!  how great if I can be an actress. I think I have eaten all my make up and the remaining photos are just way too ugly, so I didn’t put much effort in taking nice pictures and let just leave however beautiful image of me that you can think of in your mind. *i don’t wanna ruin it or make anything worse* HAHAHA


We then headed to our last stop of the day which is a PB Valley! UGH, time to have some alcohol guyssss..


PB Valley Khao Yai Winery founded by Mr. Piya Bhirombhakdi who aims to produce premium quality wines in Thailand, It is the biggest winery in South East Asia. Inside the place, there is a restaurant, The Great Hornbill Grill, which serves international foods, both authentic and fusion cuisines, along with over 100 selected dishes of Thai food. PB Valley Winery

We were greeted by warm welcome and hop in a mini truck to look around. Meanwhile, there was also a tour guide following us around to tell us more bout the process.DSC01142Not to mention that it was a REALLY SUNNY DAY indeed * one tone darker after that day I swear! * but the girl under the lovely purple umbrella wasn’t me, I’m behind the camera just so you know, i FORGOTTEN to bring umbrella *CRYYYY* so now you know what i feel when I’m taking this pic yeah?????DSC01153

So nice rightttt!! I wish I have my own farm next time *only if I’m rich enough* , you know, just for the sake that whenever I  feel like eating grapes, like the one below,


I can just open my mouth like this! HAHA


ERMMM, but is actually just for photo purposes, when it actually comes to all the washing and cleaning and peeling off the skin of the grapes… its another story.hehehe

Anyways, we were brought to the factory and listened to some background history.DSC01178

Thai and English translator provided, but …


I was busy taking pictures only, so don’t ask me what info I get from the talk. HAHAHA
So the factory basically filled with all the machines and tools needed for the process of wine production such as DSC01182

that’s all i know! LOLL pardon me. :'(
Last but not least, the moment where i anticipated ever since i stepped in PB valley winery is the alcoholllllll. Not that I am an alcoholic but yeah, sometimes you need some to ummm need some to… idk , YOU JUST NEED SOME FOR NO SPECIFIC REASON!!! DSC01210

I feel like bringing this home duh.


AHHH wine plsssss <3 .<3

DSC01215 DSC01218CHEERS!! after a longggg tiring day ~~



Oh yeah, I feel refreshing now! hahaha


NEVER EVER underestimate the power of alcohol guys *smirk *


So here you go with my Khao Yai trip, feel free to drop me a message if you having any enquiry! =)
Wishing you have a nice day!


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