KOREA Checklist

Hi loves! With the holiday season under way and Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, December is the perfect time to dust off your passport and celebrate in style. After all the procrastination, I have finally come out with places that I have visited in Korea back in May/June anyhow I strongly believe late is better than never isnt it?=)
To me, Korea is definitely a place that offers traveller a dazzling range of experiences with both its dynamic cityscape as well as culture together with its history, not forgetting all the charming oppa and pretty girls.
Let me share you where I have visited and also some of my personal experience in Korea and I hope it will somehow help you bit in planning your trip. Throughout the trip, I have been using pocket wifi from “TravelsRecommendation” and the line was relatively stable.

Of course, there are still other options available such as “Wiyo” that you may want to check them out and compare against the price offered before coming into a decision.
Now let me show you where I have visited in Seoul.

(1) Common ground

It is Korea’s first and the world’s largest container shopping mall complex built with 200 shipping containers. It redefines the conventions of retail platforms by reinterpreting the role of culture, and focusing on connecting people for the sake of creating meaningful value for all involved. Besides, it has also become a trend to take ootd there, so I did. Ever since this place become more and more popular, many tourist in fact queueing up for photo spots. Hence, be please prepared for the crowd.

Common ground is a young and creative Retail Platform. The brand features trendy food culture and a wide palette of diverse activities. As a result, you can easily find stores there portraying the idea of connecting people to people, with mutual value creation and exchange in mind.

(2) Myeong Dong
You must have heard “Myeong Dong” from everyone’s lip who has gone to Korea. It is one of the primary shopping districts in Seoul.It is famous as a shopping destination because you can get all sort of shops here from clothing, skincare all the way to restaurants. However, I wasn’t very fancy over to be honest. Surprisingly I did not purchase much from Myeong Dong other than facial masks. To me, I was indeed quite scared off by their hard sell service and I feel really pressure to be asked to top up my purchase for greater discounts or even rebates. To look at the bright side is that you can ease all your worries on language barrier. If you are able to speak in Mandarin, you are good to go with minimum or even no issues shopping there. ONE LAST TIP on Myeong Dong is that, if you are taking some sample facial masks by the door step of skin care shops, you are actually expected to go tour around the shop despite the fact that you just want it FREE lol. Anyhow I dont think they will chase after you even if you have taken the mask without purchasing anything from the shop but a walk in the shop, you are good to deserve that sheet of facial mask I’m sure!And I have also visited the “Line” shop in Myeong Dong. As usual, you need to queue up for photo session =) Apart from this, I have also pay a visit to Stylenanda. The very significant spot where every tourist will take. I’m like a very TYPICAL tourist as well. There are 4 floors in total with a pink pool cafe at the roof top. A very sad fact that I missed the cafe was because it was raining that day. Anyways, it was really a nice place to check it out, especially if you are a PINK person.

The cafe that I managed to chill indoor is still really nice and cozy. 

(3) Namsan Seoul Tower / N Seoul Tower

It was a photographic area. Advice I would strongly recommend if you’re planning to pay a visit is to ride the cable car. You will never know how tiring it can be by walking up the hill like we did. Yes we literally walked for 1.3km UP HILL guys. No joke here, but after all, it was well worth visiting.
During autumn season, all the trees had orange, yellow and red leaves making the little uphill walk to the tower a beautiful experience that I can comfort myself LOL. But it really felt serene to be surrounded by nature while in the city. Seeing the whole Seoul at the top of the tower viewing deck was also great.Anyway, I made it up to the tower and there were really incredible views that really highlight the overall expanse of the city of Seoul.

Do not forget to bring along you padlock <3

Such a spectacular view isnt it?

(4) Ewha Womans UniversityEwha Women University is known as one of the best-known universities in South Korea, also considered to be one of the top universities in Korea.

Not forgetting its beautiful compound and architecture. There’s also a tourist favourite spot added into my checklist there.

Other than the campus itself, one great thing about the place is definitely the streets around Ewha Women University. It is a shopping haven for women because those are the places where you will find the best bargain for trendy clothing at a reasonable price. I think this is mainly due to cater the budget of students around but yayyy I found the place really nice to shop around and I literally paid few visits there throughout the trip LOL.
Good quality clothes at reasonable price, without any hard sell sales staff. “me love” =)
but bare in mind, sometimes things sold there are “made in china” so is really up to your personal preference.

Other than great clothes you can also get good food around.  Lunch that I had during my second visit. 

In fact, my friends and I just entered a random restaurant as we were really hungry after walking and very much to our surprise, the food was good enough to serve our tummy. not to mention the cheeeeeeeseeeee was so yummy. I had also some snacks along the way, and i strongly suggest you guys to eat and try the food as much as you can. Diet always starts tomorrow 

(5) Gyeongbokgung Palace / 光化门

When in Korea, one of the “must do” things is to visit a palace. I have chosen Gyeongbokgung Palace as it is arguably the most beautiful and of course surrounded by a few major attractions so that you can kill the birds with only one stone. Gyeongbokgung remains as the grandest palaces in Korea and after the visit, its imperial garden is really deemed beautiful.

I have rented handbok from the nearby shop and it cost about KRW 18000 for 4 hours (accessories will have additional cost), after comparing a few shops’ prices as well as designs. Hence you can take this as a reference and I would advice you to think of what colour of hanbok you are looking for beforehand and try it out in the shop and proceed.

As you can see, there are really plenty choices for you to choose from and if you are someone indecisive as me, you will really have a hard time there and I wasted quite some time to pick one.
Tip: To have a few colours in mind/ scroll through instagram as reference before your trip if you are planning to rent hanbok and walk around. And here I am with my final decision. GO REDDD =) One thing to highlight : It is FREE entrance if you are visiting the palace in hanbok. How awesome it is! Or else, you will need to pay an entrance fee at the counter before making your way in.
Info as below :

FYI, the royal throne hall is Korea’s largest surviving wooden structure and can I not take a picture with it. With very weird experession so I decided to have a take 2.

Does this scene normally appear on Korean Drama? hmmm
Anyways, after touring around the palace, we went to have 土俗村参鸡汤 as lunch. It is claimed that they have the best herbal soup and we decided to pay a visit since it’s just around the area.

(6) 土俗村参鸡汤
We made our way there, it was about 20minites walk from Gyeongbokgung and I will the the pictures speak the remaining.

Here’s the menu and listed below are the 4 main chicken soups that they are famous of.

We ended up with these : 
Black Chicken
Normal Chicken To me, the meat of both of the chickens really doesn’t taste different by nature; it’s just chicken. The one difference, however, comes from the way the birds are raised
Food was really good, the ginseng scent was really strong that blends well with the soup. 
BTW I just cant stop laughing at this picture although I look horrible and gigantic here, but ngawww the Ajuma looks so cute here! she deserves to be in my post. LOL

(7) Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

The market is not a nicely organized farmers’ market. In fact it is a lively, chaotic, and very wet fish market. Hence, I would really suggest to avoid putting on your fancy clothes or luxury bags to prevent any tragedy. LOL.As the name explained, I would really recommend to pay it a visit. Despite eating Korean BBQ and fried chickens I personally think that visiting the Noryangjin Fish Market is another highlight of my trip.

Tip : Negotiating is needed ( from my point of view) at Noryangjin. Vendors there often pitch the opening price slightly higher than the actual, anticipating a lower counter-offer. After some bargaining, if the price still seems too high, walk away and i’m serious just leave. Of course, you should keep in mind that some seafood does command a premium price, and will still be great value compared to what you’d pay at a restaurant. 

After you’ve made your purchases, you have the option of having them prepared for you on-site at one of the restaurants on the second floor and basement levels. Don’t worry about tracking one of them down. For us, the seller help us to hand over our catch to the restaurant and then we decide how we want the seafood to be cooked, be it grill, steam or fried etc. and here’s our food!!!

The crab was REALLY yummy!!

(8) Everland Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park. Located at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do

Everland’s vast expanse of beauty (unthinkable within population-dense Seoul) comes at the cost of travel time. It’s a mighty long journey south to this park, especially if you require public transportation. It took us about 90minutes+ journey from Gangnam bus station to reach.

Tip: To pre purchase Everland ticket online before visiting. I bought from Voyagin before my trip and the process was really fast and quick. I managed to skip the queue by just showing the QR code and we were in! Easy as that =)

To be honest, I personally think that you really need to spend a full day in Everland. I mean hey you have already paid for it, and it is really huge for you to explore, why not just chill for the day and have fun there. But first, let me have a drink. lolThere are also a ” Morning Garden” that is very chio for photo purposes.

The very significant tree that you can only get in Everland!

Andddddd let me here’s some food that we had in Everland. 


(9) Piggy Bank Stone Grill Korean BBQ @ Hongdae

The restaurant is about 10 minutes walk from Hongdae subway station. From exit 8

Piggy Bank is often full house, packed with customers as it is small, but brightly-lit, lively BBQ Restaurant. To me, the food there was really good but just slightly pricey. Not sure if its because we visited towards the end of our trip and we had not much money left. LOL
But one thing have to bear in mind is that, you are expected to order the main course according to the head counts. Thus, if you have 5 person for say, you are required to order 5 mains and see what else to top up. Let see what we have ordered =)After all I think it was a good experience to try stone grill.

and here goes our side dishes.

(10) Issac Toast
I’m sure most of you is familiar with the name right!! YESHH its Issac Toast that I really really loveeee. They have a franchise in KLIA 2 now but I havent really try on that so couldnt comment much.


Korea Issac Toast is really bomb!! It is really simple ( or may looks simple) to make but is just so yummy and caught our tummy!

and HAPPY ME !!And here I will end the super long post. I hope dear all are not overloaded with the pictures. haha
Thank you so much for spending your time with me and feel free to ask me questions and i will try my best to help!
See you for in the next trip.