Melbourne Trip @ Day 1 (2016)

AHHHH~~~I finally took up the courage to clear the dust here guys!
So, some of you guys have been asking me where I have visited during my stay in Melbourne and here comes the post!

Was trying to take a very styli airport fashion look but .... its not easy early in the morning 6AM guys TRUST ME!
Was trying to take a very stylo airport fashion look but …. its not easy early in the morning 6AM guys TRUST ME!
BUT I managed!! hahahaha
BUT I managed!! hahahaha

Once touched down, the only thing i can feel was : weather in Melbourne is way colder than Brisbane. In fact, the strong wind was about to blow me away and thank god I ate quite a lot the day before because I knew I gonna STAND FIRM on my feet and make my mama proud! HAHAHA
Speaking about accommodation,, I think where you rest and recharge your energy definitely after every long day that you have spent outside exploring the city play a key role in a trip. Hence, I have booked mine through Airbnb at a rate of A$250 for 5 nights including service fees.( the cheapest I can find during winter break as everyone is travelling around T.T)  I have chosen a place named Footscray in Melb and it is said to be quite a dodgy area at night according to Dennis (one of my friend who studies in Melbourne)  but surprisingly I actually thought it was alright. Of course, it is up to personal preference and what I care the most for the trip was just COMFY & BUDGET! ^^

P/s : The host (Ying) was really friendly and the location of the house was really easily accessible by both train and bus.

I feel home when i first saw this =)

A very simple yet cozy room giving me a very dreamy feeling. Definitely I didn’t not forget to take a pic of myself, trying to be DREAMY~~~ LOL
DSC03788ERMM… yea, I’m really weird trying to fit myself in every thing that I feel NICE but it turns out to be abit…”blocking the nice view” effect; DREAMY ( i would say) =D

First Station : Harbour Town Melbourne

The day was just about walking around and exploring the city. I first went to the Harbour Town ( which was below expectation) and therefore I just realise I did not even take a single pic of that place! HAHA.. anyways, you can always go to to find out more. To me, the place was kinda quiet anddddd nothing much. The price apparently not as cheap as I expected but still I bought myself few pieces from there LOL 犯贱.

Second Station : H&M Melbourne

The H&M here is real heaven man! I have seen the same piece in Malaysia and it cost like RM90( I have asked my friend to check for me on the spot) and here is like what? hanging on the rack written 10DOLLAR SALES. OHMYGAWD, i really cannot, whenever I see sales I go crazy then after that I still very happy, feeling satisfied like I did some big saving into my bank account AND AFTER THAT back home I will start to emo feel like the next 1month I need to eat only bread, or beans(cheaper) HAHAHA #life
Anyways, the H&M in the city is really a place that you shouldn’t miss and the building is just extraordinary, unlike the usual, boring layout.

Cant you feel it by just looking at the entrance??? anddddd my face??? the happiness??? HAAHHA
Cant you feel it by just looking at the entrance??? anddddd my face??? the happiness??? HAAHHA

Third Station : Flinder Street Station

Yeah, apparently the first thing i googled about Melbourne, it came out the pic of Flinder Station so I decided to pay a visit!
And… here I am, nothing much but a very busy station where you can see trams and human crossing here and there. I really afraid of walking in the middle of the road as I am really blur which direction to go to and IF you are someone like me, please bring along some smart friends so that no tragedy happens kay! hahaha i’m just joking, god bless you :* HAHA

Forth Station : Haigh’s Chocolate

Some of my friends who went Melbourne and recommended me haigh’s chocolate saying it is a must to try. Sounds very “atas” to me and being a chocolate lover, I drives every nerves in myself to pay them a visit! And it sooooo good, soooo much flavours to choose from and I’m really sad that I just get to try 13 out of 23421323 flavours (idk how many in total, haha). All said and done, good price comes with good quality. If you got what i mean! haha.

Thinking of wearing braces, I wonder how it will look like on the chocolate! hehehe
Thinking of wearing braces, I wonder how it will look like on the chocolate! hehehe

By the way, Caramel is the best seller which I was told by the handsome worker.

This little pack cost me $30 我真的笑得很开心
This little pack cost me $30 我真的笑得很开心

Fifth Station : Mook Ji Bar

Afraid of blowing off by the wind, I need to fill my stomach AGAIN =D
Met up with Dennis who staying in Melb and he recommended us to a famous Korean restaurant where I feel the “glamour” of walking straight to a table right after I entered the restaurant ( you know, just like walking red carpet, everyone was watching you, thinking you’re some cheapo not queuing up and asked to line up from the very end of the queue) BUTTT YOU”RE WRONG!! simply because my very lovely friend, Dennis went earlier to get us the seat,NGAWW:*

About to tell those people, I got a table okayyyyy, keep back all your sarcastic look! HAHAHA. Anyway, do go earlier and get a table or else you can be like me, walking the red carpet feels good somehow^^


DSC03842 DSC03849


Anyways, Signing off with a group photo of the day!

Thanks for reading. xoxo

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