New Spectacles X Pott Glasses @ SS2

Hello brothers and sisters~I’m back againnnn! After a long CNY break and also a subsequent exam that I have to sit for, FINALLY I’m back!!! So eggcited everytime I start up a new post as I have sooooo much to update you guys but soooo little time. Anyways, lets put all the grandmother story aside. There goes a fine weekend where I had to meet up with a few old friends of mine but I was physically tired and of course lazy, ended up putting my spectacles on instead.

AND the I was being teased that I look like a standard 6 student during the entire session. As you know, the few old friends literally know me for such a long time! LOL with no doubt I did look like primary school kid with a nerdy glasses. That point of time, I decided I HAVE TO GET MYSELF A PAIR OF TRENDY SPECTACLES DY! A pair of spectacles that has unique and vibrant design, something that was both functional and fashionable like this!! HAHA Basically there’s nothing wrong with my current one but sometimes, glasses can be worn as a statement, a reflection of identities. Thus to get rid of my standard 6 identity, is time for me to change! LOLL. I then took up the urge to get myself a new pair of spectacles =)

Browsing through the web,  Pott Glasses caught my attention. They have plenty of glass frames that suit the professionals all way to urban chics. I confess that I really had a hard time to pick my favourite. As a result, I decided to visit their physical store personally. There are 2 stores available in the Klang Valley at the moment and I’m sure the 3rd will come very soon.
The can waze “Pott Glasses” or key in the following address whichever is nearer to your place :
1.   64, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
2.   70, Jalan SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

I visited the one in SS2 which can be easily spotted. Moving my way in, I found all the glasses was displayed as it is can I actually tried 70% of the glasses available. I love how Pott Glasses break the traditional/conventional concept where normal optical shops usually keep some of their so called “higher end” or “more expensive” glasses inside the cabinet or glass boxes, hindering customer to try on. That’s completely different here.

The open-concept practised by Pott Glasses allows all sorts of frames such as cats eyes, oval to rectangular shaped frames lined on pinewood shelves ready to be picked up and tried at any moment by their customer.
Not forgetting to mention their customer service is really super duper good. As you know, me or I would say GIRLS usually have a REALLY REALLY REALLYYYY hard time to choose between choices. Dilemma to take this or that and the salesgirl/sales guy often trying very hard to hide their impatience towards me. Advice to myself >>  *dear me, please be decisive next time* LOLLL. However, my experience with Pott Glasses was really good till an extend where I was annoyed by myself and not them. They are really patient in helping me to get the best glasses that suit my style and of course its functionality. Optical stylists are also available to provide professional suggestion. I would really rate their service 10 out of 10 because I know I can really be an annoying customer that every sales staff hates! HAHAHHA
Finally I made up my mind to go for this!!

Speaking about the frames, Pott Glasses works with manufactures to produce frames with protruding and thicker nose pad, as well as more curvy shape so that it sits more comfortably on the nose bridge. 

There are also clip on shades available, bringing fashion to the next level with glasses!

As you know Asians have rounder cheeks and wider skulls with flat to medium nose bridges as compared to Caucasians. Meaning to say that how much I wanted to be Gal Gadot, yes the wonder woman LOL but I just cant simply because we are different! HAHA okay jokes aside, the message that I wanted to bring out is Asians are different from Caucasians. When looking for a pair of good and comfortable glasses, the key is to get the size and nose pad right! Pott Glasses take in glasses with silicone nose pad because it is easier to adjust and fit on different faces to achieve “Asian fit”

Note : We should choose frames with certain width and curvature so that the frames do not touch the cheek!! 

After deciding which frame to go for, its time for eye test!
The eye test room is available and thereafter, the optician will then explain your result in a very detailed way and you are good to choose which lens and add-ons to get.They also help in measuring the length between my eyeballs, making sure the focus point is right infront of it so that I have a clearer vision. And here comes my results. Yesh I have really bad eyesight where my eyes power are 400 and 500 for my right and left eyes respectively.

Usually with my high eye power, I will choose to go for the thinner lens because I dont really want my glasses to look thick and bulky.  Attached herewith the measurement and prices that you guys can take into consideration when deciding whether or not to go for thinner lens.
1.51 will be the usual lens and if you have low eyes power, this is completely fine! I took the 1.61 lens which will require to top up Rm395 on top of the frame price. 
Apart from that I have also chosen the Anti Blue Ray reflect lens as I usually face the computer up to 12hours a day. Thus I chose that in order to save my eyes from going blind LOL joking, to get tired easily in fact. However, this again falls back to personal preference as I was told that people who are designers or those who need to be colour sensitive ( required by their occupation )would normally go for the normal whereas anti blue ray reflect lens tend to tone down/neutralise colours.

Apart from that, the reason I’m so impressed by this shop is because it’s not often you hear SMEs taking a practical step towards charity but them! I would really like take this opportunity to thank them and also to raise the awareness to all my readers that any glasses that you purchases from the Pott Glasses, one pair of glasses will be donated to those who are in need in Kelantan! I deeply salute and thank them for this initiative and help more people to see the world better!

If you are thinking of getting yourself a pair of chio glasses, and also to promote the 1 for 1 initiative, feel free to QUOTE my name “CRYSTAL GAN” and you are entitled for RM30 discount upon your final bill!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!