Snail Hydro Repair Silk Mask ( Review)

Hey guys, lets embrace the September with a warm welcome. It has been quite sometimes since I last blog. Today here I am to share some really useful product again! =) *yay*

I’ve recently try out one of the ” Snail Hydro Repair Silk Mask” series which I realise it miraculously worked out for my face. To be honest, my face is said to be really sensitive and I always need to pay extra attention when it comes to my daily skin care products and even masks and just so you know, alor vera mask is just not enough for me as my skin gets oily as well as dry easily. * ADUH, SAD!*

snail 2


Question marks all over silk mask?

No worries, silk actually the lightest and finest natural fibres in nature. It is able to fill and fit with groove of skin and providing a perfect fit into human facial contours. In short, silk mask is

  • Light
  • Transparant
  • Soft
  • Thin

To further illustrate what makes this mask so attractive to an extend that I would dedicate a post for it? HAHA. It actually moistures and supple our skin. This not only increase our skin nutrition but at the same time repair the damaged skin, bringing a brighter and deeply nourished skin condition. With the combination of medical technology with snail peptide, it effectively balance out skin condition and improve skin’s tiredness. As a result, we are ready to say or even paste a goodbye kiss to the dull yellow and rough skin.snail 4

Without hesitation, here’s the steps of applying

TIPS   *optional*

– You can choose to place the mask in the refrigerator 10 minutes before use to have better skin feeling ^^

– You can also prepare a mug or something to hold on your essence to prevent it from dripping while you are removing the mask from the tube just as below :


snail 5

STEP 1 : Torn the packaging and push half of the essence out of the small little bottle 

snail 6


snail 7

STEP 2   : Apply the essence thoroughly on the face from the bottom in order for the essence to absorb into the skin.

snail 8


STEP 3 :Remove silk mask from the bottle
*where i prepare a bowl below it simply because i do not wana waste a single drop HAHA

snail 9

STEP 4 : Apply silk mask onto the face ( peel off the upper layer )

snail 10


STEP 5 : Apply the mask perfectly and remove it after 15-20 minutes

snail 11

Step 6 : Peel off the mask from the face 

snail 12

Step 7 : Gently pat and massage your skin for 2-3 minutes to be fully absorb
And lastly apply the other half of the essence after your mask!

snail 13

All said and done, if i were to rate this mask, I’ll give it


As i really feel the nourishment of the mask and of course my skin is way moisturised after using it =)

Last but not least here’s the  BEFORE


And ….


Girls, time to pamper yourself with some good mask and if you are interested,

you can get this product from me for free! haha *joking  =D *

Another alternative, get it from
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