Stay Safe, Stay Strong!

I know it is a very hard time now for everyone to go through.

Covid-19 is spreading virally and I believe most of us have been hit in million ways. Businesses have been hit the most as they were  forced to close down in every area and Malaysia has just gone into “Movement Control Order” period and what is worse is the extension from the initial 14 days quarantine announcement. Hopefully no panic buying because I have heard a lot of sad news out there where elderlies are having a hard time to get their food be it raw material for meals or even safety equipment such as face mask. Let us all hope people around are filled with love and helping each other to get through this critical period.

Despite all theses, please let us pray together and play our part to stay safe and healthy.

For ourself, friends and love ones!

Also, some sharing that I would like to do today is my love towards YOGA! I learn to appreciate yoga as it heals one’s emotion as well as teaches us how to love unconditionally. Hence, here to share a “20 mins Bed Time Yoga”  that I have filmed, in hope to spread the love, the knowledge and some positive vibe if I’m able to. Do have a look and move along if your body feels so and once again, Namaste!