Thai Odyssey Traditional Thai Massage @ The Main Place, USJ 21

Ever since starting to work, I look forward for every opportunity to pamper myself. Very much to the reason that I’m still not used to office environment whereby I have to sit still in front of the comp for hours and even for days, I feel very dead after working and always counting down the days towards weekend! LOL this is because at the very least, I get to sleep slightly later than usual and enjoy my relax off day during weekends.  Sometimes, I would ask my sister to give me a quick massage but how disappointing it is when she doesn’t know how to perform a proper one or maybe she just doesn’t want to. LOL *Icaughtyou!*

To be frank, I am a huge fan of getting thai massage and looking to be stretched out to the max whenever I feel stress. Personally, I think that we always need to give ourselves a dose of refreshment off and on in life. This definitely helps alot when the body is not functioning at its best and you just need to relax it before taking up the next task and yes i have chosen to pamper myself at Thai Odyssey @ The Main Place

The reason I have chosen it is mainly because the concept of Thai Odyssey is conceived as a sanctuary in the city, a place where each customer can easily escape the stresses of their daily lives and find a few hours of respite for their body, mind and soul. On top of that, there are many outlets set up mostly in major shopping complexes to enable easy access which is really a plus point! I found out that there are more than 50 outlets throughout Malaysia and still growing at the moment.

Speaking about service, the receptionist and my masseuse were very professional, polite and friendly. From what I have found out, most of the masseuses are originated from Thailand and I’m really impressed.  Not to mention that I was 15mins late for my session and the receptionist was trying her best to allocate my slot, satisfying my needs at the same time! From my experience, it is advisable to make a booking beforehand to avoid disappointment as this place is popular amongst locals. Overall, I would say that their customer service was fairly good as the front counter are rather simple, basically you will be greeted once you enter, and they will confirm the type of massage you opt for and you would need to settle the payment before the service. Simple as that!
I would say that the only dilemma is to decide which package you are up to! HAHA

There are a variety of choices to choose from and I assured that it will definitely worth the money you spent. not hard selling here but yeah! haha

Besides, the ambience was very clean, very relaxing, fancy and really cosy! After all I think its the feeling that customer who walks in feels the sense of relaxation that plays an important role. 

They are also selling some of the products on shelf, from bath gel all the way to soap that you can choose from.

Before I was led to kick start my 90 mins Traditional Thai Massage, my masseuse (originated from thailand *wink*) gave me a quick exfoliating foot scrub and wash in a small section just behind the reception area.

I swear I was really shy and i kept saying thank you to her! 
I was then given a pair of slippers and led into a private room with a mattress on the floor.  A set of comfy clothes were hanging for change before the massage session. Yes, you literally take off everything on you and put on that LOL. 
A cup of warm lemongrass tea ( where you drink before and after the session )

The massage started with my lower body. It feels a bit awkward at first but i rather enjoy it LOL!
During the session, the masseuse successfully make my body to go into a deep relaxation. It’s so calming, and sometimes even though they give me this super stretch, I am so relaxed that easily falling asleep during the session. 

Of course, it is also extremely important to tell your therapist if you prefer a more gentle or stronger touch as there is no point in suffering through what is supposed to be a relaxing massage for yourself. In short I enjoy my body being pulled and stretched in weird contortions. LOL

To sum up, I would say the services provided worth every penny and  trust me, you will get out of here very rejuvenated, and feeling satisfied and really to conquer the world all over again! LOL

Feel free to check them out at
Lot 1F-09, First Floor, Main Place, Jalan USJ 21/10, Persiaran Kewajipan, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor.


to call them to make your reservation!
Tel: 603 – 8081 2766

Hope you enjoy reading and have a great day ahead!