The Oasis Spa Bangkok, Sukhumvit 31

Hey loves! Although I am back from my Thailand trip but I still cant deny how much I miss the place especially the message I had in Bangkok! I believe most of you know that Thailand is just like a massage heaven where you can really get traditional thai massage experience. One of the many that I would like to highlight during my visit is Oasis Spa Bangkok at Sukhumvit 31. The experience that I had there was not just a typical spa but beyond and I would really love to share so that more readers of mine can actually explore this little hidden heaven during your visit to Bangkok!
It is located near BTS Sukhumvit line “Phrom Phong“.

I personally think that Oasis Spa takes their guests on a journey to exciting new worlds of delight, beauty, rejuvenation and well-being. Every aspect has been artfully crafted to create a personal paradise where sophisticated treatments balanced between contemporary methods and traditional practices produce transforming experiences.Little that I know that they have outlets from Bangkok all the way to Chiang Mai and Phuket to Pattaya. It shows that the spa has really gained their reputation all over the land of Thailand where the total number of outlets has shown an unsound preference among the Thais or even travellers like me. In fact, I found Oasis Spa’s gentle, highly-trained therapists that using specialised treatments and products that go “above and beyond”  really enlighten their customer’s experience.

Personally, I was able to leave all my cares especially the big city behind when I first entered the serenity of Oasis Spa. The exotic world of beauty was so welcoming when I passed through the gate, serenity and pleasure.

The tranquillity deepens as I discover a place of lush foliage, wooden bridges and walkways, waterfalls and reflective pools brimming with water lilies. The 70-year old Colonial building embraced by ancient trees with modern tropical treatment villas is just a place where all the senses are caressed. Not forgetting to mention that the spa has 12 private treatment villas for a capacity of 24 clients.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a warm welcome and impressed with how fluent the staff can speak in English. Not only this, I even overheard the conversation of another staff using Japanese language to explain the types of massage to their Japanese customer. Hence, you will not have language barrier issue here!

Happy me feeling relax

Apart from this, they also serve you some tea while you can take your time to pick which massage you’re going after.

There are a variety of choices available on the menu and all you need to do is just pick your favourite! For me I have chosen a 2 hours “King of Oasis” massage package and I was led to the following private room.

You are also required to shower yourself before the session starts and so did I.

Oasis King massage is one of the signature massage introduced by The Oasis Spa, designed especially for men (but perfect for women, too =)). Before I started the session, I filled up a survey form given by them and they were caring enough to provide me contact lens solution and container to temporarily remove my contact lens and enjoy the session. 

The massage begins with Thai Herbal Hot Compress along the strong muscle lines, followed by Traditional Thai massage technique with a combination of deep tissue oil massage together.It also concentrates on the back, lower back and also shoulder.

I found that this kind of massage works really good to release my tension and increases vitality and flexibility. It employs pressure and deep tissue on my muscles, including some stretching technique which is strong while reopening the body’s energy pathways and I loveeeeee being stretched (idk if I’m weird lol)

I suggest for girls who wish to have a more gentle and relax massage to try out their 2 hours “Queen of Oasis” This kind of Massage is also one of their signature massage. So maybe for couple that are going together can try out the “KING” and “QUEEN” package. The Queen massage is using Swedish massage techniques with Hot Oil massage where the pressure tends to be lighter and longer strokes, soothing and gentle massage. It can be a bit strong when the therapist works deep into the thin tissue. This kind of massage concentrates on the specific nerve location on the back. When tension is released and energy flows, the benefits are immediately pleasant and relaxing.
This synergistic treatment promotes serenity, beauty and a sense of well-being. It can even be compared as doing yoga without the effort while receiving acupressure treatments! How nice right.
They also serve some light refreshment after my session.

To sum up, the 2-hour massage really took me to the next level of release, relief and contentment using a unique combination of “East-Meets-West” massage techniques. It employs kneading, thumb pressure, stretching and compression combined with a warm aromatherapy oil massage and a Thai Herbal Hot Compress. Tired muscles (that feeling when you just wish to get a good massage everyday when you finish work) are soothed to allow stretching that removes energy barriers and reopen all the body’s energy pathways. This is really a place where I would love to share for readers (especially working adults) who are finding relief from stiff muscles and muscular discomfort, improved sleep and reduced stress. Not to mention the transportation fro BTS Sukhumvit line “Phrom Phong” station is provided by them and its FOC! how convenient it is! Give yourself a break and have a good time there if you guys are visiting and feel free to share me your experience ya. Hope you guys enjoy reading and see you in next post!

You can also check them out at or visit them after making an appointment.
Address :
64 Soi Swaddee, Sukhumvit 31,
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Open Daily 10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.
RSVN: +66 2 2622122