Time Capsule Retreat @ Sungai Lembing, Pahang

Good day guys!! Just gotten back from my super short getaway where probably less than 24 hours i guess.
My friends and I have come out with the idea to escape the town for a little while yet not too long as everyone has things to complete on hand, 2D1N is just perfect for a mini vacay we decided! After a quick browse, out of so many choices of tuorist attraction in Malaysia we have ended up paying Sungai Lembing 林明 a visit!

A little bit bout Sg lembing, it is located in Pahang, east coast of Peninsular Malaysia which required roughly 3 hours of drive from KL.
It is a historical village where used to be a very well developed town back in the 19th century mainly because the village is rich in tin. It then developed by the British mining company and had its glory times. However, due to economic crisis it soon went through recession and slowly, be forgotten.


Today, Sg Lembing is famous with its
(1) Rainbow Waterfall
(2) Hike

That again explains all our trip! As a city girl, we hardly make time for all these activities so the only way is to MAKE IT HAPPEN. HOWEVER,
What sadden me the MOST was how unlucky we were! It was raining heavily the night before our trip and a terrible flood was the one who welcomed our arrival. Shops and restaurants were busy cleaning their stuff and muds were all over the place.
you know, the typical aftermath of a severe flood.

Being unable to fill our stomach, we made our way to the pre-booked accommodation and settled down.

Time Capsule Retreat is a family run retreat in Sg Lembing.

Speaking about the room, there are a total of 4 room types available. We have booked the capsule which they famous for. The room was really cosy especially when it was raining ( since it keeps raining for idk what reason recently) . The colour combination are perfect to sleep in or even just to rest after a long  drive. Simple and nice.
P/S : the room only comes with the bed but there is a public toilet near by, to be exact share among the customers who have booked the capsules. Surrounded by the nature, we do enjoy the great views as it faces a lush forest reserve. Apart from this, the cooling temperatures and awesome ambiance definitely provide perfect relaxation and serenity.

Time Capsule Retreat also provide BBQ service. Tools are provided and what you will need to prepare is only the foooooddddd.
Regarding how unlucky we were as i mentioned earlier, restaurants being shut down for the day to wash off the muds. We feel extremely thankful upon what we have brought.

Never under estimate the power of sandwich. It can be the saver of your hungry stomach! Not to mention especially a delicious one like mine!

My yummy sandwich with BBQ ham, vege, sausage, and cucumber! #talented lol

Overall, it was a nice stay, with friendly staffs over there. To me, thats the place where I spent most of the time for the whole Sg Lembing trip as the rain drizzling now and then through out the whole stay.

Not completely let down by the weather, we had a precious bonding time and playing cards here. 
Not forgetting to mention, the capsule is really a perfect container to take tons of pictures no matter day or night.
I really love the natural sunlight during the day that brighten up my mood even those its raining outside. yet there are still sunlight. not too bad lol.

At night, we were impressed by the room LED light that in turn creating a shadow.

My very imperfect back stretch, please understand the amount of fats that I have grown over the 5years since i stopped gymnastic :'(

And here comes our group photo!

Trying to be impressive but… HAHAHA. after 149756187594 takes.

The next day, we went for bah kut teh breakfast, (aka 山水肉骨茶) I have no idea is that a hype for the restaurant to add the words 山水 meaning mountain water there to attract customers. HAHA no offence, but yeah, food was still ok, eatable especially after the flood.

In short, was really a go and relax kind of trip but I will probably plan to have another trip since I am really keen to visit rainbow waterfall!!!!

Thanks for reading