Too Cool For School – ( Egg Mousse Mask )

” Egg Mousse Mask “

Today I will be reviewing and of course sharing one of my favourite pick mask which on it’s name itself stated that EGGGGGGGGGGG is the main ingredient!! =)

Besides, it is under “ Too Coo For School” brand, and yes I feel really cool for school everytime finish using this ( very de lame ) lols. Anyways, it’s a brand from Korea *cheng cheng* IKR! Koreans’ baby skin is always one of my dream but fail to come true =(!! Fair, smooth, pore-less and much much moreeee omg I just cant take it!!=(

egg mousse pack


You must be wondering what so special about it right. It basically claims that It can form very fine lather (like genuine mousse), helping remove excessive sebum and impurities without leading to tight sensation. In another more human kind of way to say, it whitens, smoothes, cleanes as well as detox to provide us the skin with EGGY nutrients!!


Let’s see how easy it can be used !

Step 1 : Shake (if you prefer) and Press to get the egg Foam.step 1


Step 2 : Apply the foam throughout your face

step 2


Step 3 : Massage gentlymassage


And  WAITTTTTTTTTT ~~~~ for 10-15mins

Step 4 : Wash it off with cold water and here I am!! HAHAHAafter maskk



Rating : 7/10

I truly believe that egg ingredient cultivates healthy skin and because I am afraid to apply the REAL & RAW egg white on my skin (kiasi type ) HAHAHA, so I think this would be a good alternative =) Besides, I feel neither stretching nor tightening sensation on my face so yeah, I would recommend you this for those who have sensitive skin. However, please please double check to ensure your skin is good with their ingredients yo!

A short update and hope you enjoy ^^


Love you! xoxo

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