Ukiyoe X Hinata Hina Review

Dear loves! Today I would like to share something great that we always use in our daily life –  SOAP!

Having sensitive skin, I always pay very great attention to what goes on my skin and hence I always go for something more natural. “Hinata-Hina” is a mild alkaline soap where it is able to cleanse out midly acidic skin. It sounds abit complicated but it all goes back to the basic acid and alkaline that we learnt secondary school science lol.

Very Lovely packaging! 

From the packaging, it is clearly seen that this product originates from Japan! It portrays the traditional Japan culture and the high standard of product quality. 

The soap is very concentrated, marshmallow-type that foams with naturally derived moisturising elements that reduces burdens to the skin. By using it, one can easily maintain a clear, blemish-free skin at the same time retain the essential moisture within the skin. Personally, I noticed that my skin condition was gradually improving and eventually gaining healthier skin condition. 

With no doubt, I always check what are the ingredients of my skin care so that I have a better idea what I’m applying on my skin. I discovered that “Hinata-Hina” has these two main attractive ingredients where it is very natural and I know these two are good for our skin.

  • Oive Fruit Oil 
    It is rich in oleic acid that closely resembles human skin, which helps wash away excess dirt while retaining moisture. Olive oil has skin care properties as it blends smoothly with the skin and is easily absorbed. Not to mention it also increases the rate of metabolism, which in turn helps regulate skin turnover!
  • Honey
    I believe everyone must be very familiar to honey as it is a natural moisturising ingredient. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for beautiful skin!! When apply on skin, it helps to prevent water dispersion and retain moisture, thus softening the sebum.

To use the soap, it requires a few basic steps as follow :

  1.  It makes the best marshmallow bubbles with net. When the quantity of water is small, it makes good bubbles
  2. Wash as it draw a circle from the center to the outside.
    Wash with foam so that hands do not touch the skin!
  3. Gently cover your face with marshmallow bubble.
    – Leave bubbles for about 30sec-1min

  4. Rinse throughly with cold water or lukewarm water
    – Preferably, do not rub the skin

  5. Gently wipe the skin with towel
    – Do not wipe the skin strongly! 

Apart from the soap, they have also some complementary product in the bundle for us to try it out. I really love the texture of the combination of their soap and moisturiser.

With this, I hope you will have a brief knowledge of this awesome soap and don’t hesitate to check them out from their Instagram and  give it a try!

Hope you enjoy reading and I will see you in next post!